About Us

Pharmafer was established in 2012 in Pune with the amalgamation of ideas of like minded young professionals from the field of pharmaceuticals, marketing and human resources. Pharmafer was started with the launch of a very basic molecule, Granisetron, with brand name – Granifer, a product in supportive care segment . Upon receiving an encouraging response, it progressed with the launch of Penta-D and Aprifer.

Pharmafer today successfully markets a wide range of Supportive Care and Oncologicals in India across the zones.Pharmafer has a strong pipeline of products focused on oncologicals and disease specific nutritional supplements.

Pharmafer tied up with Scientific Brain Nutraceutical Pvt Ltd, under the technical guidance of Tedis Global Inc, Canada, for the development and manufacturing of disease specific nutrition for specific needs, complying to all the statutory requirements of FSSAI. This project will establish Pharmafer in the newer areas of supportive care and disease management and will integrate the organization as a superior healthcare provider.

Clinical Services at Pharmafer offer solutions in multiple stages of drug discovery projects. Pharmafer understands the customer need helping hand enhancing the speed of drug discovery projects. Pharmafer is committed to provide customized, cost effective & quality consulting services in clinical & healthcare research.

Pharmafer provides suite of data and technology enabling solutions and efficiency in clinical & healthcare research. Our proven expertise help to improve probability of success.


The Geographical Presence

Pharmafer operates in India across zone.
Pharmafer is exploring newer markets in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa

Our Mission

Pharmafer seeks to provide superior quality healthcare services that, physicians refer to their patients, purchasers to their clients, patients to their family and friends, employees are proud of and investors seeks long-term returns, through strategic tie-ups with reputed organisations across the globe.

Our Vision

To become a leading integrated company in healthcare by providing superior quality super-speciality medicines, nutritionals and genomics through professional approach towards our people, portfolio and partners.